WILL THE REAL JESUS PLEASE STAND UP?: 12 FALSE CHRISTS – When’s the last time you stepped up to the counter and ordered one medium-size Jesus, extra generous, and heavy on the bling? Or maybe you like your Jesus supersized! Here’s the same question: When’s the last time you took a hammer and a chisel to the Jesus of the Bible and formed Him into your own personal Jesus? This study not only remind us who the real Jesus of the Bible is, but it also reveal to us twelve false christs who are embraced, loved, promoted, and revered—even by well-meaning Christians. This adult
Bible study will begin on Sundays in January between worship services at 9:15am.

THE BOOK OF JOEL – April 4th the Thursday morning Bible study will focus on the second of the Minor Prophets – Joel. Though Joel prophesies God’s judgment on sinners, He holds out God’s gift of the Holy Spirit for our salvation. Come join us as we grow in God’s love together.

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY GROUP – A women’s in-home Bible study group meets 1-2 times monthly from September to May. If you are interested in joining this group and would like to be added to the email list for dates and locations, please contact Anna Vannelli at avannelli10@gmail.com

MEN’S BIBLE STUDY – Church. Home. Work. Family. Leadership. Relationships. Every man needs to know what God has to say about these vital areas of life. Do you want to improve in any or all of them? Find strength and direction from God’s Word in our Men’s Bible Study. We’ll meet the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of every month in the church fellowship hall. Coffee and donuts will be served. Invite a friend and join your fellow brothers in Christ around the Word! Our first series will focus on “Men in Families” as leader, lover, provider, teacher, son, and father.